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Alun Jones Biography

Vice President of the Girls School Association (UK) and Head of St. Gabriel's Independent Day School
Pro to the question "Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?"

“Uniforms are a very important part of the school’s identity.

It brings so many benefits in terms of moral, discipline and results because it is a leveller of children of all backgrounds. The uniform is exactly that – a uniform – rather than a fashion statement.

We have a styling of uniforms for girls that’s more comfortable, practical and more suited for a girl’s shape. There is a move in schools for girls’ skirts to be kept at a decent level. Some schools are moving to mid-calf-length skirts to reflect the workplace and the type of dress these girls will be required to wear in adult life.

Fashion and image are very important. These are highly emotional subjects for girls. And as far as girls are concerned it is very important that they don’t have to give in to these sort of pressures so they actually welcome [wearing a uniform].

They like to look smart – which is one of the huge benefits of a uniform – and that also means that they don’t have to rise to stereotypical images and behaviours and therefore can be themselves.”

Javier Espinoza, “Skirts at Top Private Girls’ School Become Longer as Teachers Try to Combat Bullying,”

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  • Vice President, Girls’ School Association (UK)
  • Head, St. Gabriel’s Independent Day School (UK)
  • Team Inspector, Independent Schools’ Inspectorate
  • Director, Board, Independent Schools’ Inspectorate
  • President, Girls’ School Association, 2015
  • Former Chairman, Inspections and Membership Committees, Girls’ School Association
  • Former Principal, St. Gabriel’s Independent Day School
  • Former Choral Scholar
  • Former Ad-hoc Member, BBC Singers
  • Former Music Master and Choirmaster
  • Former Deputy Headmaster
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