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American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nevada Biography

Con to the question "Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?"

“Because students’ self-expression on clothing generally does not disrupt class, uniforms are an inefficient and unnecessary bureaucracy that requires school officials to be worried about what everyone is wearing. Instead, school officials should only be concerned with clothing that is actually disruptive – which both dress codes and simple common sense are more than adequate to handle…

In conflict with the First Amendment, school uniform policies create… an environment of sterilized uniformity scrubbed of the diversity so prized by our founding fathers. Perhaps more importantly, the façade of homogeneity in no way reflects the real world that students will enter immediately upon graduation from high school… Forcing students to dress and look alike flies in the face of the diversity of thought and rugged individualism that are the bedrock of our nation and our Constitution…

[A]llowing students to choose their clothing is an empowering message from the schools that a student is a maturing person who is entitled to the most basic self-determination. In a freer learning environment, students begin with a sense of self-worth – rather than as identical captives without options. Giving kids a choice to express themselves not only acknowledges their individuality but creates the possibility for a relationship of mutual respect. So long as this parade of choices does not interrupt the school day, schools should be interested in nurturing, rather than standardizing, student expression.”

“Four Reasons Public Schools Should Think Twice before Instituting School Uniform Policies,”, Dec. 19, 2008


“ACLU stands for American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is a nationwide organization that advocates for civil liberties and civil rights of all people in the United States. Civil liberties and civil rights are the basic rights guaranteed to all people by law and protect citizens from actions by government that are illegal under constitutional law.

The ACLU of Nevada is an affiliate of the national ACLU, and it was founded in 1966. It is the only organization in Nevada dedicated solely to protecting the Constitutional rights and liberties of every individual in the state.

The ACLU looks specifically to the Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and the civil rights Amendments to determine what issues it works on. The ACLU of Nevada also looks to the Nevada Constitution.”

“Meet the ACLU of Nevada,” (accessed Sep. 4, 2014)


“The ACLU of Nevada works to defend and advance the civil liberties, civil rights and other fundamental human rights of all Nevadans.”

“Statement of Purpose,” (accessed Sep. 4, 2014)

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