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Belinda Luscombe Biography

Editor-at-Large at TIME magazine
Pro to the question "Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?"

“[School uniforms] are great levelers. With a strategically chosen uniform, body type disappears. And it’s hard to distinguish who is cool and who is not. It’s harder to discern the differences in socio-economic background. Nobody wants any item of clothing that the other is wearing; all are equally undesirable, so thieving and general adolescent covetousness are reduced…

A uniform is not the same thing as a dress code… No endless back and forth between child, parents and school. Moreover, when a kid’s in uniform, he or she sticks out like a sore thumb. The local community knows where that kid belongs. It’s harder for kids to skip school or get into trouble outside school. They’re too easily spotted…

What do bridesmaids, military personnel and emergency service workers have in common? They all have to wear what they’re given without whining, no matter how puffy the sleeves or hideous the shoes. Oh yeah, and they also are there to serve somebody else. Nothing says ‘this is not just about you,’ more than an ugly uniform. And where else could we learn a lesson in sacrifice and serving the common good with so little actual sacrifice?…”

“How Ugly School Uniforms Will Save Education,”, Mar. 25, 2014

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