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Linne Hoofnagle Biography

Former staff writer for Tiger Hi-Line
Con to the question "Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?"

“[T]he most obvious point against uniforms is that they restrict self-expression. We live in a dynamic society, full of unique characters that make our world a spontaneous one. Cutting that off at a young age only stifles creativity and encourages conformity. We want to encourage our children to be expressive and to think outside the box. Forcing them to wear ugly gray sweater vests and starched white shirts is not the way to do that.

The gender-specific uniform guidelines often reinforce the gender binary in the school environment. The separation between females and males will only increase. If uniforms were all-encompassing and non-gender specific, this problem would not exist. However, uniforms are not all-encompassing. There are limited choices for males and limited choices for females. Though females can wear uniform pants, men are not allowed to wear uniform jumpers. Conflict would arise if a male attempted to wear the specified ‘female’ attire. This poses problems to LGBT progress in school environments…

[W]here did we get the idea that bullying and stereotypes would magically disappear if we implemented a strict uniform? People will not stop bullying each other based on appearance, which manifests itself in ways besides clothing. If we convince ourselves that placing limits on clothing choices will eliminate school bullying, we are kidding ourselves.”

“Uniforms Limit Number of Outlets for Creativity and Self-Expression,” Tiger Hi-Line website, Dec. 4, 2012

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  • Former Staff Writer, Tiger Hi-Line (student newspaper at Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, IA)
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  • Attended Cedar Falls High School (Cedar Falls, IA)
  • Attended Malcolm Price Laboratory School (Cedar Falls, IA; also known as Northern University High School)
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  • Medal-winner for choral reading at Allstate IHSSA Large Group Speech Contest, Ames, IA, Feb. 2012
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