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Rob O'Donnell Biography

President of the Irish Second-Level Students' Union
Con to the question "Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?"

“When we ask student councils about the issues of concern to them, this often comes up. It’s even more of a concern in mixed schools where, every day, girls see their male classmates come to school in trousers… Some girls really, really hate – absolutely hate – to wear skirts. It is a dated system. In any other walk of life, we wouldn’t dream of telling girls that they have to wear a skirt. So why is it acceptable to inflict it on them at school?

…We’ve seen situations in coeducational schools whereby the girls are allowed to dye their hair a natural colour, but the boys are not allowed at all. How a young person appears makes no difference whatsoever to their education… Schools should be encouraging free thought and self-expression, not suppressing it.”

Peter McGuire, “No Skirting the School Uniform Debate,”, Feb. 8, 2016

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  • Honorary President, Irish Second-Level Students’ Union, 2015-present
  • Student, Engineering with Management Bachelor’s Degree, Trinity College Dublin, 2015-present
  • President, Irish Second-Level Students’ Union, 2015-2015
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  • School Leaving Certificate (high school diploma), Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Northern Ireland), 2009-2015
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